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Girl w/ Bamboo Earring by MonteDeNeko300 Girl w/ Bamboo Earring :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 0 0
Mature content
Of Late Nights and Night Terrors (1) :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 0 0
Jack Frost (sketch) by MonteDeNeko300 Jack Frost (sketch) :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 2 2 Jack Frost (upper body) by MonteDeNeko300 Jack Frost (upper body) :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 1 0
Confessions Hiccup x Male!Reader
It was another day in Berk. You know the place that snows 9 months of the year? Anyways, it was a regular day for friends Hiccup and (Name) who sat in front of the lake as their dragons were playing.
"Hey Hiccup, I got to ask you something." (Name) broke, after a period of peaceful silence.
"Sure (Name), what is it?" He wondered, encouraging (Name) to continue. (Name) took a deep breath and continued.
"What do you do if you have this amazing friend, you start falling for this friend, and you want to tell then how you feel but you're afraid they might not feel the same way?" (Name) asked.
Hiccup pondered for a moment, but not before gently placing his hand on (Name's) shoulder.
"Well (Name) I may not have much experience in this but the thing is, you just got to tell them how you feel.  Whether or not that person returns the feelings, the thing that matters is that you told them." Hiccup replied.
"Thanks Hiccup, I was just wondering." (Name) commented.
"I do like this certain someo
:iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 76 7
Sweet Bread
Frozen roses lying down
on starched-white blankets of snow
Currents of roaring winds
huffed and puffed
leaving ripples of shivers
down my spine.
Your name trails my lips
soft and sweet
like the taste
of sweet bread
soothing hunger pangs.
Taming the bitter taste of  sadness.
Craving your touch,
taste, and warmth.
This warmth that battles
the deadly storm
This crave for you is more
than the taste of death,
for this crave is in the
beating heart of life.
You are
the sweet bread
I need to replace the
frozen roses on the ground
and the huffing and puffing
to end this pungent odor of
Embrace me
in warmth like
the smell of sweet bread
:iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 1 0
Old Woman
White flows from her hair
like leaves from a branch.
A flower of youth she was
until the waves of aging came
and went.
They came and went,
like the wind, becoming old
and frail as a stick.
She is not a stick you see
for her wrinkles are
thunderbolts engraved
by the daughters of Thor
Golden rings of beauty once
adorned her,
slowly disintegrating
until they become
rings of vine and time.
Her roots
travel far and wide
as she remains standing tall
forever etched into stone walls
She is the ancient tree
that remains for centuries
with white leaves and tree
:iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 0 0
Untitled by MonteDeNeko300 Untitled :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 1 1 Baby Penguin by MonteDeNeko300 Baby Penguin :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 4 0 Jack Frost by MonteDeNeko300 Jack Frost :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 14 7
Mature content
Harlem Shake **Crack Hetalia x Reader** Part 2 :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 16 15
Blooming by MonteDeNeko300 Blooming :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 7 0 Plumeria Tree by MonteDeNeko300 Plumeria Tree :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 1 0 Elf maiden by MonteDeNeko300 Elf maiden :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 2 0 Rolling by MonteDeNeko300 Rolling :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 4 0 Waves crashing by MonteDeNeko300 Waves crashing :iconmontedeneko300:MonteDeNeko300 7 0


just bros being bros by emedeme just bros being bros :iconemedeme:emedeme 571 26
A Death in Literature
He didn’t enjoy killing, or even violence in general; it disgusted him. It was something the world could do without entirely, and he wished more than anything that he could escape it. He knew, however, as we all know, one cannot escape violence in a world that lives for death. He didn’t want, in any part of him, to kill another human being. Of course, that did not mean for even a second, that he wasn’t going to do it.
               Purpose; generally, this is accepted as the one thing every human wants and needs. In our society, and our world, no person wishes to be seen as nothing, or negligible. People always do what they do for a reason; they are driven by purpose. This time, though, there would be no purpose, no answer to the “why?”. The act would defy general understanding, crashing reason into a metaphorical sea of confusion. He had no reason to do this; no reason at all. The choi
:iconblizz-kid:Blizz-Kid 573 407
Temple Lineart by Taegri Temple Lineart :icontaegri:Taegri 1 6 Fire team Ghost - colored by videogamemaniac001 Fire team Ghost - colored :iconvideogamemaniac001:videogamemaniac001 6 2 shingeki no kyuubey by XxRyanGordonEvansxX shingeki no kyuubey :iconxxryangordonevansxx:XxRyanGordonEvansxX 1 0 47 by dinnertoes 47 :icondinnertoes:dinnertoes 5 3
Mature content
Free at Last :iconinsomniac-box:insomniac-box 2 5
Sonadow Let me Save You
Sonic was running, faster than he'd EVER run before. Egg head had finally managed to almost completely murder the poor blue hedgehog.
Á few minutes back:
'"Give up egg man!" Sonic growled through gritted teeth.
"Why should I?" with that said the fat man slammed his fist onto the huge red button on his control panel. Missiles shot out from every corner of the room, Sonic dodged them with such ease, but his arms were grabbed by four robots, holding him back. He kicked and lashed out trying so desperately to free himself from the restraint. To no prevail… he failed. He was completely exhausted. Eggman walked up to his prisoner.
"Pathetic Sonic." He laughed, as the robots smashed him into the ground, he cried out in agony. The picked him up by the neck, throwing him into the wall, over and over again. Sonic coughed, a small bit of blood came up. He shut his eyes, what was happening to him? Eggman walked up to him, crouching down to his level. "say your prayers Sonic…" he cac
:iconflamiedewynter:FlamieDeWynter 299 211
Sonadow may be gay
But we support it anyway
Rouge and Amy can kiss our ass
Cause Sonadow is so first class!
:iconastroshad:Astroshad 518 665
Dark Embrace- Sonadow
Black snow flakes fell from the lifeless sky of crimson. So it was true. When an angel turns dark the sky is died with blood. I sighed as I turned from the window back to my bed.
Sonic sat there on my bed, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. His eyes hazed over, breathing slowly but raggedly. I smiled wickedly. I let my jet black and crimson feathered wings show.
Sonic did nothing but stare into my eyes, searching for something like a sign that I was not going to kill him.
"Sh… Shadow…" he choked out practically choking on the blood in his lungs.
I smiled. He looked… so… vulnerable. I walked closer; he backed up against the wall. I laughed under my breath. I could see the tears of pain and fear gathering in his eyes. How I wanted him.
I knelt on the bed. He scrambled back fast; he let out a yell as his back slammed against the headboard. I crawled over to him, my tongue licking his injured left cheek.
"AAAH!!" he screamed and struggled, but I held him by hi
:iconflamiedewynter:FlamieDeWynter 235 132
sonadow screen shot awwwwwwww by SonadowFanClub sonadow screen shot awwwwwwww :iconsonadowfanclub:SonadowFanClub 113 20 Sonadow by shadowhatesomochao Sonadow :iconshadowhatesomochao:shadowhatesomochao 1,169 364 Sonadow. by ihearrrtme Sonadow. :iconihearrrtme:ihearrrtme 1,526 311
a sonadow story
My First Sonadow Story
Shadow sat on a rock outside the party Knuckles had drunkenly screamed "Maria is dead" into his face and it did not put him the party mood. Sonic, Amy and Tails walked outside to see where Shadow had gone.
"Oh there he is" said Amy pointing the rock on witch he sat
"Sonic you should talk to him you know him best" suggested Tails
"What no way" scowled Sonic
"Well my hammer has something to say about that" said Amy whipping out her 2 ton Piko Piko,
"All right i'll go" said Sonic. Sonic sat down next to the upset hedgehog and had many attempts to put his arm around him but stopped. Then evantually done it Shadow turned round in suprise,
"Uh listen . . . erm if you need a shoulder to cry on mines is free" said Sonic
Um okay . . . " said Shadow close to tears he leaned his head on Sonics shoulder. Sonic ran his fingers through the red and black quills then without thinking he kissed Shadow on the forehead, Shadow jumped up in shock.
"Oh uh sorry didnt know what i was
:iconerin-the-sonadow-fan:erin-the-sonadow-fan 233 176
+ Jack Frost + by SaraFabrizi + Jack Frost + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 1,454 72



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:iconlionkingplz: Haters Gonna Hate. by XxShirokoxX Stamps are for losers... by Dante-DS



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