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Jack Frost (upper body) by MonteDeNeko300
Jack Frost (upper body)
I did this a while ago but never seemed to upload it. Anyways tell me what you think and if ou want to find more of my art, ask me privately for my instagram.
It was another day in Berk. You know the place that snows 9 months of the year? Anyways, it was a regular day for friends Hiccup and (Name) who sat in front of the lake as their dragons were playing.

"Hey Hiccup, I got to ask you something." (Name) broke, after a period of peaceful silence.

"Sure (Name), what is it?" He wondered, encouraging (Name) to continue. (Name) took a deep breath and continued.

"What do you do if you have this amazing friend, you start falling for this friend, and you want to tell then how you feel but you're afraid they might not feel the same way?" (Name) asked.

Hiccup pondered for a moment, but not before gently placing his hand on (Name's) shoulder.

"Well (Name) I may not have much experience in this but the thing is, you just got to tell them how you feel.  Whether or not that person returns the feelings, the thing that matters is that you told them." Hiccup replied.

"Thanks Hiccup, I was just wondering." (Name) commented.
"I do like this certain someone to tell you the truth." He confessed. Hiccup's eyes widened in surprise but did all he can to compose himself.

"Is it someone that I know (Name)" he asked, raising an eyebrow. (Name) started twiddling with his fingers as he avoided Hiccup's gaze.

"This person is an amazing dragon trainer, and is a very good friend of mine. It's like they make my day bright and I wouldn't know what to do without this person." (Name) finished, covering his face in embaressment.

Hiccup was surprised. At first, he listed all of the possibilites in his mind  (and eliminated all of them) and then realised the only other person could be no other than him himself. In the back of his mind, Hiccup felt happy that it was him in some way because he never though his feelings for (Name) would be returned.

"It's me isn't it?" Hiccup said.

(Name's) mind exploded. He remained silent and turned his body away from Hiccup and hid his face in his knees. Tears slid from (Name's) eyes.
Hiccup scooted over to (Name) and gently placed his hands upon (Name's) shoulders.

(Name) slowly uncurled himself only to see Hiccup tower over him, with a small smile on his face.

"(Name)..." He said, before wiping his remaing tears with the stroke of his thumb.
".. You don't know how long I've waited for this (Name)
I like you. Alot. Like very alot. A lot." Hiccup blabbered. (Name) started to grin at Hiccup's nervousness and decided to pull him into a hug.

The hug lasted long and soon after both faced eachother, lips inches away from eachother.

Confessions Hiccup x Male!Reader
I've been inactive for way too loo long so why not start out with my revival of a Hiccup x Male!Reader fic.

Hope you enjoy the fic!

HTTYD belongs to Dreamworks
As a bisexual, I felt that this word was very powerful and it speaks for itelf because you used subtle but powerful symbols like breathing for pansexuals and dancing for bisexuals. It kind of hits close to home because when I recently came out as bi to some people they assumed that I would like just any girl or boy.It felt as if they didn't understand me or appreciated that I had the guts to tell them. As I was saying I think this poem has had an impact on many because you used situations and religion as a tool to cause controversy (which is okay!). It makes people think and I hope that this opened up some people's perception of things. Great job!
Frozen roses lying down
on starched-white blankets of snow
Currents of roaring winds
huffed and puffed
leaving ripples of shivers
down my spine.

Your name trails my lips
soft and sweet
like the taste
of sweet bread
soothing hunger pangs.
Taming the bitter taste of  sadness.

Craving your touch,
taste, and warmth.
This warmth that battles
the deadly storm
This crave for you is more
than the taste of death,
for this crave is in the
beating heart of life.

You are
the sweet bread
I need to replace the
frozen roses on the ground
and the huffing and puffing
to end this pungent odor of
Embrace me
in warmth like
the smell of sweet bread


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey I'm 17 and Im a poet and a blogger

-For now I have tumblr and instagram to post my traditional art but I'll do more soon.


:iconlionkingplz: Haters Gonna Hate. by XxShirokoxX Stamps are for losers... by Dante-DS

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